Sales & Marketing Systems

The needs of home builders are unique when it comes to sales and marketing systems. Home buyers utilize the web more than ever before to explore and educate themselves on the choices they have when it comes to buying a new home.

Any builder that doesn’t fully exploit the Internet will be disadvantaged.

Sales & Marketing Systems Map

Builder Website

  • Website must inform, educate, and impresses the image of the builder to its prospects and buyers
  • It must be a lead source, much like a model home is
  • It must be a referral source where existing customers & colleagues can refer you to potential home buyers
  • It must be a landing point for other online lead sources, like New Home Source
  • It must be easy to update and keep up to date
  • It must be easy to use

Lead Management System

  • The lead management system must be able to house, classify and track all leads
  • It must be able to track a lead’s source
  • It must be able to automate all follow-up tasks
  • It must feed its information to the sales contracting system

Sales Contracting & Options Selection

  • The sales contracting & options selection system must be able to configure and price homes buyers are interested in
  • It must be able to automatically hold and generate all necessary sales contract forms
  • It must be able to handle contract revisions and change orders tied to the construction schedule so that options can be added as desired
  • It must feed its information to the purchasing and construction management systems so that the buyers, the builder and the subcontractors are all on the same page

If you would like to see a demonstration of what fully integrated, online, real-time Sales & Marketing Systems look like, please contact us.