Construction Management Systems

Building a new home requires the coordination of many, many moving parts. Buyer’s needs and requests. Breaking down a house plan into its component parts and being able to easily bid and compare bids between subcontractors. Coordinating the schedules of the various work crews on and off the job site. And being able to deal with change – changes in options selected, delays of various kinds, subcontractor performance, and the like.

Once the home has been completed, managing customer service and warranty becomes the next challenge. Whether it be scheduling normal follow-ups or responding to customer issues, it is required that a builder be able to get their hands on the information regarding what went into each and every home, who did the work, and who needs to deal with whatever the issues are quickly.

Any builder that does not utilize systems to manage all of these moving parts is working at a disadvantage.

Construction Management Systems Map

Bidding & Contracting

  • Electronically store all relevant project information (blueprints, scopes of work, etc) for quick, easy and free access for trade partners
  • Standardized bid format ensures true like item comparison
  • Ability to quickly generate multiple bids, track responses and run side-by-side comparisons
  • Manage trade contracts and pricing in one central location; you control their ability to take price increases

Project Management

  • PO based purchasing system allows for systematic notification to trades of work to be completed; cost expectations set in advance
  • Payment approval integrated with schedule – trades get paid promptly when their work is complete
  • Easily create, approve and track variance purchase orders during construction
  • Dynamic schedule maintenance allows project managers and superintendents to keep schedules accurate while making necessary adjustments
  • Real time access to live schedule information for all participants in a community

Vendor Portal

  • Enhance relationships through information sharing
  • Automatic notification of changes: scheduling, options selections, etc.
  • Online access for document access to an online plan room, scopes of work, options details, customer selections
  • Real time view of bid requests, purchase orders, purchase order approval, service requests, and items needing clarification

Customer Service & Warranty

  • Homeowners can submit requests online, directly into system
  • Electronically administer requests, assign service orders and apply back charges if necessary
  • Management dashboard to track submittal fulfillment & follow-up, defect & root cause analysis and customer satisfaction analysis
  • Online access and notification for trade partners
  • Integration with sales and construction systems to maintain a complete record of all information on customer and customer’s home

If you would like to see a demonstration of what fully integrated, online, real-time Construction Management Systems look like, please contact us.