Cloud Computing

“Cloud Computing” is Internet based computing whereby computing power and software are provided to businesses on demand where and when needed. Businesses pay for what they use. This is all done without having to buy, install, maintain, integrate and support computers and software on your own. It turns systems into a variable cost vs. a fixed cost. Business systems are purchased just like electricity – you pay for what you use.

What does “Cloud Computing” mean for a builder?

It means that in today’s world no builder would think about building power plants to generate their own power and electricity. Likewise, builders should consider not building, buying, maintaining or managing their own software and systems. We can provide very advanced, fully integrated builder management systems that can come from the “Cloud” as a service.

What are the results? Greater systems capabilities are able to be delivered at much lower computer and systems costs. This in turn leads to more efficient operations and greater profits.

Fully integrated “Cloud” solutions are available for:

Sales & Marketing

  • Websites
  • Lead generation & management
  • Sales contracting & options selection
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Construction Management

  • Bidding & contracting
  • Project management & scheduling
  • Customer service & warranty
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Financial Management

  • General ledger, payables, receivables
  • Project accounting
  • Financial reporting
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Business Intelligence & Alert Systems

  • Actions & alerts by role
  • Information in time for action
  • Eliminates the hunt for information
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  • Email, shared calendars & contacts
  • Sophisticated telephony
Thus, the smallest builder can have the capabilities that would rival the largest builders or companies in the nation. We can evaluate the systems you currently use and help to show you the benefits of “Cloud Computing” and buying “software as a service.”
If you would like to see a demonstration of what “Cloud Computing” looks like for a home builder, please contact us.