Business Intelligence & Alert System

Builder Sourcing’s Business Intelligence & Alert Suite of Systems (BIS) is designed to answer important questions automatically and effortlessly from existing data that lies deep within the systems used to run day-to-day operations.

Our BIS is designed to alert the right people at the right time to take action. It is designed to answer questions like:

Where are the opportunities to generate more leads? What marketing events should we do more of? Less of?

  • Where did the people that came to the model home community come from? Where do they live now?
  • What got them there?
  • Were there any marketing events that were used in the areas where the prospects came from? What did they cost? What was the cost per visitor?
  • Where there any marketing events in areas that generated no traffic? Should we consider ending those?
  • Where did the people come from that bought new homes?
  • Were there areas that we generated traffic from but no sales? Should we consider ending spending in those markets?

Where are the opportunities to generate more revenue from the customers we have? From the prospects?

  • Which buyers are under construction but have not yet purchased options to the level expected and there is still time for them to make decisions?
  • Which prospects have visited us in the past and have indicated interest in attributes of our newest subdivision?

Where are the opportunities to close homes faster? To get projects back under budget?

  • Which homes under construction are ahead of schedule?
  • Which ones are behind and what can be done to get them back on schedule?
  • Which homes are under budget and why?
  • Which homes are over budget and what can be done to get them back on budget?

BIS Suite Systems Map

Data Extraction Layer - Getting data out from transaction systems

  • We have developed a set of tools that we use to extract data from almost any system
  • Extractions are performed automatically
  • Data is placed into the next layer of the BIS Suite, the Data Visualization Layer

Data Visualization Layer - Turning data into accessible information

  • Presenting information in ways that people can easily make sense of it
  • Providing drill down capabilities to answer successive questions
  • Creating automated alerts to people so that actions can be taken to improve results

Analytic Layer - Allowing people to explore information on their own

  • Providing ways for people to take information and perform additional analysis and calculations on the information presented
  • Creating ways for the new information being created to be shared

Applications Layer - Subdividing the previous 3 layers into specific applications

  • Executive – managing overall profitability and productivity of projects and teams
  • Sales & Marketing – managing effectiveness of marketing programs and people
  • Purchasing & Construction – managing the performance of subcontractors and people
  • Customer Service & Warranty – managing customer satisfaction and the performance of support teams

Builder Sourcing’s BIS is under development.

If you would like to participate in our Beta Development Program, please contact us.