Integrated systems available from anywhere at any time allow a builder and their sub-contractors to all see the same information at the same time. All “puzzle pieces” are connected and the “loop” is closed. There is only one version of the truth. No time is wasted to input information from one system to the next. No time is wasted searching for information one group has and not the other. Tremendous efficiency becomes possible. Errors are minimized.


Integrated systems allow us to do a lot more with a lot less. And, with our FastPath™ implementation approach, they can be up and running in matters of weeks and months vs. years and at a lower cost than ever before.

Today’s systems available at a fraction of the cost through “Cloud Computing” (Internet based systems), new, fully integrated systems are very available and affordable for builders of any size. Builders can eliminate the cost to own and manage servers, software and databases.

Advanced computing power gives us the ability to assess vast amounts of data and act on it quickly. This will help builders to lower costs and create greater profits now.

Now is the best time to implement new systems to be ready to support growth profitably as it occurs.

Overall Systems Map

Integrated systems span all business functions and include:

Sales & Marketing

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Construction Management

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Financial Management

  • General ledger, payables, receivables
  • Project accounting
  • Financial reporting
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Business Intelligence & Alert Systems

  • Actions & alerts by role
  • Information in time for action
  • Eliminates the hunt for information
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Cloud Computing

“Cloud Computing” provides access to powerful systems and technologies at a fraction of the cost of having those same systems in-house. To learn more, click here.

What can systems do?

Systems allow us to reach out to more prospects increasing our odds of  finding scarce home buyers. Systems allow us to convert a prospect into a buyer and make sure that they optimize their option selections and are happy with their home both during the sales process and after they are living in their home.  Systems allow us to bid projects in greater detail and to more possible sub-contractors which lowers costs. Systems allow us manage projects more precisely so that they stay ahead of schedule and under budget.

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