Systems Implementation

The Internet has changed everything. Today, very advanced and sophisticated, yet simple to use, software and systems are available over the Internet (from the “Cloud”). Any builder can have the capabilities that would rival the largest of builders. This can all be done at a fraction of the cost of buying, installing and managing software on your own. They can also be implemented in a fraction of the time – in few weeks or months vs. many months if not years.

More capabilities, less time, less cost. Are you familiar with these systems and know where to look to find and evaluate the ones that would work best for you?

Builder Sourcing can help.

We have implemented “Cloud Computing” for builders wishing to eliminate fixed costs for hardware, software, maintenance and the like which has lowered their costs and increased their capabilities. Taking advantage of these advanced systems, builders are able to do a lot more with a lot less.

We have developed a Fast Path implementation process. FastPath™ allows builders to start with a “Best Practices” implementation and our services to conform existing data into new systems. This enables fast implementations. FastPath™ allows our clients to focus on learning systems vs. figuring out how to set up systems and performing a lot of data entry. To learn more about this process, click here.

Fully integrated, “Cloud” solutions are available for:

Sales & Marketing

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Construction Management

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Financial Management

  • General ledger, payables, receivables
  • Project accounting
  • Financial reporting
  • To learn more, click here.

Business Intelligence & Alert Systems

  • Actions & alerts by role
  • Information in time for action
  • Eliminates the hunt for information
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  • Email, Shared Calendars & Contacts
  • Sophisticated Telephony

Builders need to ask themselves if they have the following capabilities:

  • Ability for prospects to find your website and to automatically capture information relevant to how they got there and what they did once they did?
  • Ability to know the effectiveness of all marketing expenditures and their impact and value on sales results?
  • Ability to capture information about a prospect that is interested in one of your communities or plans automatically into a system that will immediately alert you of their interest and then automatically create a campaign of follow-up to aid in nurturing that prospect into becoming a buyer?
  • Ability to generate a sales contract that can capture all of the options selected and then automatically feed that information into purchasing and construction so that everyone in the company is always on the same page?
  • Ability to know real time which buyers have time left to make option selections but have not yet?
  • Ability to know real time which projects are behind schedule and/or below your profit targets with time left to take action?
  • Ability to generate electronic bids and compare them effortlessly allowing expansion of the number of sub-contractors bidding work without expanding staff?
  • Ability to know what all work was done on a home and who did it so that all service requests can be quickly assigned and quality analysis of work performed is easily done?

These are just a few of the capabilities of modern, real-time, fully integrated systems. Systems, that up until now, would have been prohibitively expensive to to acquire, implement, maintain and use.

If you would like to know more about Internet based systems and “Cloud Computing” or if you would like to see a demonstration of these systems and how they could operate for you, please contact us.