Frequently Asked Questions

Builder Sourcing’s Rebate Program Management service is designed to provide you with a team that will work with you to maximize the money received from the programs available in the market. We work with you to develop a strategy on how you would prefer to pursue each category where such programs are available.

In those categories where you are already using one of our Suppliers, the program available from them is made available to you if you so choose.

In those categories that are not already using one of our Suppliers and you are open to looking at utilizing another supplier, we will do the work to present you with the best choice available. That choice maybe from your current supplier, our Supplier (if available in our program and they are an option for you), or another supplier (when we don’t have one available). The choice is yours.

Our goal is to maximize the value possible from each category where rebate and incentive programs are available.

Here are some of the questions we typically hear and their answers that will help you better understand our program and how it works.

We do not buy any materials, our subcontractors do.

That is not a problem as we do not change how you typically buy materials for the home. Essentially, the manufacturers will pay you, the builder, a rebate on the materials purchased by your sub-contractors provided you specify their products to be used. For example, typically, your painter buys the paint for your projects. They still will. If you ask or direct them to use our paint supplier, our supplier will track the paint purchased by your painter for the paint used on your homes and pay you a rebate as a percentage of the material costs purchased on your behalf.

What if the materials that are offered by your preferred suppliers cost more than the materials I already am using?

In the vast majority of cases, the suppliers in our program have agreed to match competitor pricing for any like items so that you are assured that you will never pay more for a product in our program versus what you are currently using. Essentially, in the paint example, when you ask your painter to switch to using the supplier that is part of our program, if he does not mention that his upfront costs are any different, then there is no issue. Should he say that there is a price difference, you would tell us and we would tell the supplier. It is their responsibility to adjust the pricing in that case. Therefore, you always know that the rebate truly equals the savings.

What if we already use a product that is part of your program, do we qualify for the rebate?

Yes, you qualify for the rebate.

What if we already get a rebate from one of the preferred suppliers or another supplier in the same category?

If you already get a rebate from one of the preferred suppliers, you would be able to choose to receive the better rebate from us. If you already get a rebate from another supplier in the same category, you would make the decision to either stay with your current supplier and continue to receive your current rebate or to switch to the preferred supplier and receive the higher rebate. The choice is yours.

Where do your materials come from and how do you get them into our local market?

We do not change the normal distribution of products and services to your homes. We essentially create purchase contracts for you with our suppliers so that when you or your sub-contractors use their products and services purchased locally the normal way, you receive either special pricing or a rebate with an up-front price match guarantee.

What if I don’t like a few of your preferred suppliers. Do I have to use the ones I don’t wish to use?

No. Our program is such that you use only what makes sense for you to use. We will, in those cases, not present you with the programs from those suppliers that you do not wish to use as we can not have their deal values leveraged to receive better programs from other suppliers. Only when the Preferred Supplier is valid choice will their programs be shared.

Some of our people do not like rebate programs. They say that they do not work and that we should just get better upfront pricing. What do I tell them?

Tell them that they are correct if you are buying direct from the manufacturer and when you are guaranteeing that manufacturer a particular volume level.

However, you can tell them that rebate programs do work, especially in those cases where the materials get to the job site from a distributor and not direct from the manufacturer themselves or when volume discounts are involved. In most categories in home building, builders and their sub-contractors are buying materials through distribution. Therefore, there is no other way for a manufacturer to pass on a discount or an incentive to an individual customer of that distributor. The only way for them to pass on this reward is in the form of a rebate.

If you have more questions or wish to explore how our Rebate Program Management Service can work for you, please contact us.