Rebate Program Management

Rebate and incentive programs are used in the industry to reward builders for specifying the use of specific brands and products in the homes that they build. In most product categories, there is no other way for a manufacturer to reward a builder for making this commitment as most products are sold through a distributor or installer.


There are upwards of 50 product categories for which programs are available. Participation in these programs will not cause any builder to sacrifice quality or pay more in upfront costs.

Finding, evaluating and administering these programs can be an extremely labor intensive effort. In addition, in rebate values, size does matter. National builders receive more money then smaller builders.

We manage all of this and improve your results immediately.

How Builder Sourcing can help.

Owners Manual

Owners Manual

Builder Sourcing will benchmark your current manufacturer rebate and incentive programs, provide an estimate of the best programs available in a given category, and assist in the achievement of those levels. We can work with your current suppliers, new suppliers and/or our Preferred & Affiliate Suppliers which are suppliers with whom we have established a national builder level relationship based on the aggregate size of our builder customers.

Our experience in negotiating rebate and incentive programs along with our collective size gives us the ability to deliver significant results in a very short time frame. We have increased the value our builders receive from these programs by as much as 4x their initial levels.

We help you to organize all of your rebate program information and program maximization plans in a convenient, easy to use Owners Manual.

Procedures Manual

As part of our program, we handle all of the paperwork associated with the billing, collecting and reconciling of your rebate programs. We have increased the money realized from these programs by 20% or more from our cost effective tracking and monitoring of compliance in these programs against company guidelines and aggressive billing and collection of all monies due.

Our goal is to increase the dollars per home collected from rebate programs while lowering the cost of participation.

Builders need to ask themselves if they can answer the following questions:

  • What are the dollars per home currently being collected?
  • What is the maximum dollars available and how much money is being left on the table?
  • What is the action plan to improve results?
  • What systems and reports exist to help us achieve these results?

Need more information?

If you would like help in assessing your rebate and incentive programs and determining an action plan to improve results, please contact us.

If you are a manufacturer and would like to learn about participation in our program with builders, please contact us.