Marketing Support

It has never been more important than now for builders to be able to utilize all means possible to uncover as many leads as possible and to convert those precious leads into buyers. Having the process, the content, and the systems in place to support these efforts is critical.

Builder Sourcing can help.

Builder Sourcing is experienced in setting up Sales & Marketing Systems that can automatically capture leads from a builder’s website as well as from any other subscribed to lead source. Once captured, the system will automatically alert the sales people that there has been interest expressed.

Sales can then assess the type of prospect this is and assign the appropriate follow-up campaign to them. The system automates the task of being sure that all of the information to be shared with a prospect is and that the prospect is effectively nurtured into becoming a buyer.

Builders need to ask themselves if they have the following capabilities:

  • Ability to capture prospects from the various new homes web properties and put them into a database for follow-up marketing
  • Ability to capture warm prospects from your website, from Realtors, and from your model homes and put them into a database for lead follow-up by sales people
  • Have campaigns or a set of actions ready to be automatically set in motion for follow-up with prospects of all types – from those that are hot to those that are not
  • Ability to see the impact of marketing dollars spent against the traffic and sales that they generate
  • Ability to use social media effectively to launch new communities and communicate with prospects

If you would like help in assessing your marketing capabilities and determining an action plan to improve results, please contact us.