Vantage Homes

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About the builder:

From the day they opened their doors in 1983, Vantage Homes of Colorado Springs believes customers are their most important priority. Their input and perspective has enabled them to create imaginative new home designs that really worked for the way people wanted to live.

“We participate in Builder Sourcing’s rebate program to save money,” said George Hess, III, owner of Vantage Homes.

“What we were surprised to find is that in addition to saving money, we created new relationships that have led to building a better home.”

Products that go into a Vantage Home are chosen not for price but for their quality, structural integrity, low maintenance or energy efficiency. Vantage is proud to be a BuiltGreen™ and Energy Star™ builder because they consider environmentally sensitive building procedures as an obligation.

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Product they build:

Single family homes in the $280k to $800k range. Volumes upwards of 150 homes per year.

Area of collaboration:

Rebate Program Management


Vantage Homes had wanted to take advantage of manufacturer rebate and incentive programs, but they never seemed to have the time or the staff to pursue them effectively. Also, given their focus on quality, they wanted to be sure that if they were to use outside support to assist them in increasing the amount of money they collected from these programs that they were not going to sacrifice quality in any way.


Vantage Homes has been working with Builder Sourcing since 2003 to manage their Rebate Programs. They also provide input to Builder Sourcing on our direction and in discussing new ideas to improve results.

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