McStain Neighborhoods

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About the builder:

“When we were a larger company, we used a combination of packaged and custom software to manage our operations,” said David Ware – McStain Neighnorhoods

“Builder Sourcing implemented an online builder management solution for us that is easier to use, completely integrated and less complex than anything we had used before.”

For more than four decades, McStain has been working to improve the lives of its customers as it explores better ways to treat the environment. This has made the company a pioneer of sorts – always looking at new theories, materials and methods.

Their core is built around an important synergy: environmentally-conscious building practices work together to create stronger, healthier, more energy-efficient homes. What’s good for the earth is also good for people.

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Product they build:

Mid to high end multifamily and single family homes; strong emphasis on green building. Volumes upwards of 400 homes per year.

Area of collaboration:

Integrated Systems & Cloud Computing


McStain had extensive experience with builder management software. They understood its value to their business but had been frustrated with the work involved in maintaining non-integrated systems. They no longer could afford to have people enter information from one system to the next.

They did not want to continue excluding project superintendent’s from being on the same system as the rest of the company.


McStain opted for Builder Sourcing’s FastPath™, the firm’s pre-packaged implementation of a fully integrated online builder management system. This allowed them to be up and running in just a few months.

The result is they now have a system where the entire company is all on the same system looking at the same information at the same time.

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