LGI Homes

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About the builder:

“Builder Sourcing has given us immediate increases to our rebate and incentive programs and continues to present us with new offerings to evaluate.” Kyle Hanna – LGI Homes

LGI Homes is the leader in building affordable new homes in the Dallas, Houston and San Antonio markets.

Since 2003, LGI Homes has become one of the fastest growing Homebuilders in Texas, and their commitment to customers is what drives their success. They acquire and develop their own land and then build houses within their own communities, this enables them to maximize efficiencies and pass the savings on to homebuyers. Their homes are built on site and offer thoughtfully designed floorplans with details that are important to a family.

Their core philosophy is “dream fulfillment” – helping people move out of apartments and into home ownership.

To learn more about LGI, visit www.lgihomes.com.

Product they build:

Entry level single family homes. Volumes upwards of 500 homes per year.

Area of collaboration:

Rebate Program Management


LGI is constantly searching for new ways to remain price competitive and drive the most value through to their home buyers. Every dollar truly counts, especially at their price points.


LGI utilizes Builder Sourcing’s Rebate Program Management Service to get the absolute most from their rebate & incentive programs; the results have been immediate.

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