Boulder Creek

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About the builder:

“Builder Sourcing implemented an online home builder solution that is integrated, easy to use and works,” said David Sinkey, CEO, Boulder Creek.

“They have returned money with the rebate programs and provide excellent support, all of which have a positive impact on our bottom-line.”

Since 1989, Boulder Creek provides an array of development and construction services. They have tailored their residential development to meet the demands and needs of the ‘active lifestyle’ homeowner.

This includes professionals, empty-nesters, semi-retired and post-children “Baby Boomers”, through the creation of low-maintenance, single-family and multi-family residential products.

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Product they build:

Single family & multi-family homes. Volumes upwards of 80 homes per year.

Areas of collaboration:

Rebate Program Management


Boulder Creek had always felt that their was money being left on the table in the area of manufacture rebate and incentive programs. However, they did not have the staff or the size to pursue this area.


Boulder Creek utilizes Builder Sourcing’s Rebate Program Management Service to maximize their use of rebate & incentive programs and is very pleased with their results.

Integrated Systems & Cloud Computing


Boulder Creek has struggled with the need to have better systems and finding systems that would comprehensively, yet simply support their business. They had tried purchasing a product and having the vendor assist with its installation. The project failed and they were left supporting their business on spreadsheets and Quickbooks alone.


Boulder Creek worked with Builder Sourcing to implement a fully integrated, online software solution which is supporting their business from lead management through warranty. They utilized Builder Sourcing’s FastPath™, the firm’s pre-packaged implementation and were up and running in a couple of months. They felt that this was the first solution that was simple and comprehensive both at the same time.

It is allowing them to bid more contractors without any increase in staff and get better pricing as a result.

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